Screenprinting Services

Four Winds offers the highest quality printing available. Whether you need spot-color, four-color process, or index color printing Four Winds has a solution for printing your job. Using the latest computer programs available, your graphic is color separated by an expert for maximum accuracy. A film for each color is then produced. Next the screens are burned for each color and the garments are then printed. Each step is checked for quality to ensure that our printing is accurate and delivered on time.

With every order you can expect:

  • Quality Printing
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Quantity Discounts
  • Quality Merchandise from Major Brands
  • Fair and Accurate Pricing and Quotations
  • And Above all a Professional Experience

How the Screenprinting Process Works

Your logo or graphics are either e-mailed to us in an aceptable format (Adobe Illustator, Photoshop, Coreldraw, or .eps are preferred, call about other acceptable formats) or delivered to us by other means. Four Winds can also produce your logo or graphic if you prefer. Please understand that inferior art will produce inferior results and art charges may apply if you want us to "fix" or clean up your art. Indicate the size and/or location on your garment or accessory. If you are unsure of where to position the design we can help you to determine the location and size. We will then give you a written quotation so you will know all your costs up front.

Second in the process is separating the art into individual colors. This is done with a computer program for maximum accuracy. We can also "tweak" the colors during this process to cut down on the number of colors if your art is extremely complex. This will not reduce the quality of the print it will only reduce the number of colors we print. After the color separations are completed the films are produced. Each color of ink has it's own piece of film. The films are then "burned" onto a silkscreen frame. Each color of ink has it's own screen. The color separations, film, and screen burning processes are what determine the set-up costs.

The final process is now ready to begin. The newly "burned" screens are now put on the press, a manual press for small quantities or few colors or an automatic press for high quantities and large numbers of colors. The screens are registered to line up properly so the graphic prints correctly. A trial run is printed for design accuracy and then the products which you have selected from one of our catalogs (we can mail you one) or off this website are printed, dryed, folded and boxed for delivery.

If you have a deadline for your project please let us know when we quote you. We will let you know if we cannot meet your deadline and we can suggest other possible solutions to get the job completed within your scheduled time frame. Normal production time (from the time we receive your camera ready artwork until you receive your finished products) is two to three weeks. We can turn around your job faster if necessary. Just ask and we will let you know if it is possible.

Four Winds has a no minimums policy but we will advise you as to what we think is the most cost effective way for your company to order your products.

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